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Question: Do I need to purchase anything else before the Ashton Bentley system will work?
Answer: No. Each system is supplied with everything required to work as a presentation system. Input multiple laptops, PC’s, Wi-Fi receivers and other HDMI peripherals. If you want to extend the system with video conferencing just add a codec, microphone and camera.

We accept the major videoconference platforms:

Question: Do I need a control system to make an Ashton Bentley system work?
Answer: No. Every system is supplied with an in-built control system. Semi-automated operation combined with simple to operate input selection, volume control and call answering means that any user will find the system simple to understand and use. However if you do want a control system, such as Crestron, to operate the system along with other room devices such as lighting or climate, then no problem. Our control platform is open, and all protocols are available.

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