Ashton Bentley
+ Google Series One

We have designed a low cost yet flexible AV Wrap for the new Series One room kits for Google Meet. These provide all the AV technology required to allow a full installation of the Google platform into any meeting space.

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Our AV Wrap accepts
all Series One room kits


Small Room Kit

Smart Camera
Smart Audio Bar
Meet Compute System


Medium Room Kit

Smart Camera
Smart Audio Bar
Mic Pod
Meet Compute System
Touch Controller


Large Room Kit

Smart Camera XL
Smart Audio Bar
Add-on Audio Bar
Mic Pod (x2)
Meet Compute System
Touch Controller

What you get

Wall Mount System


Simple to install
Cable Management
Power distribution

Brackets for:

AB Receiver
Series One components

What you get


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Ashton Bentley
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Some answers
to common questions.

  • Do I have to purchase anything else before I can use the system?

No. Integrate your Google Meet Series One kit with the Ashton Bentley Room System and you have everything required. Ready to get to work.

  • How long will my room be out of use for the installation?

Maybe a couple of hours! It is so simple to install an Ashton Bentley Room System, then integrate the Google Room Kit. Everything is supplied.

  • How easy is it to use?

Very. No complex user interfaces with simple Remote or Touch Panel. Laptop input selection is semi-automated. This means less down time in meetings.

  • Is this high level of AV/VC system expensive?

Not at all. Comparing a typical multi-vendor system integrated and installed, Ashton Bentley + Google costs less. Customers get more rooms equipped for their budget.